About Us

Dear Friends, Well wishers and Fellow Countrymen,

The idea of an Association was born on Children’s Day 14th Nov 2020 at Freedom Park,where Parents from all walks of life culminated to Protect the Fundamental Right of Children and to Protest against the violations by Private Schools and the Apathy of Competent Authorities, and to draw the attention of the Government.

There was a huge demand to form an association as it is the need of the hour, to have a proper forum, for the ​”Voice of Parents” ​to be heard by the Government and Competent Authorities, thus deriving its name.

This Association has been formed with the objective to enhance Cooperation between the Parents, Private Schools Managements, Education department and the Government, for effective implementation of Education policies and initiatives in Private Schools of Karnataka.

The founder Members of this Unique Association are an extraordinary Breed of Righteous Parents who have decided to stand-up against the wrongs’ , amongst us we also have Parents’ who have been engaged since several years in addressing the shortcomings and have been actively Engaging with the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR), District Education Regulatory Authority (DERA), Commissioner for Public Instruction (CPI), e.t.c. and as responsible Citizens’ have been supporting the Education department in implementing the Acts, Rules and Regulations in Private Schools.

The current Pandemic (COVID-19) has caused several challenges, making the children and parents vulnerable, thus exposing the violations in Private Schools like never before,therefore it has brought the parent community together and infused fresh blood to overcome the challenges.

VOICE of PARENTS – Karnataka Association.

(A Parent Community of Karnataka)

Dec 2020